The key to the image remains with the customer

After the picture has been taken, customers receive a ten-digit numerical key. The employees of the registration authorities use this key to retrieve the images and can integrate the ICAO-compliant images electronically into the ID card template. The employees also have the option of correcting the image selected by the customer.


Optionally, fingerprints and signatures can also be integrated. However, this integration requires additional verification of the captured data.


Once the data has been retrieved and integrated into the application, the image files are deleted. The deletion is the responsibility of the respective authority.


Due to the integration into the respective network infrastructure of the municipality or the registration office concerned, the IT security of DIBIKO DIBIDAT is essentially dependent on the security mechanisms there.


The manufacturer has no direct influence on the establishment of data security measures in the respective municipal network or in the network of the respective authority. Nevertheless, the manufacturer’s data protection and security concept as well as the manufacturer’s recommendations (part of the operating instructions) specify requirements for the operating environment.


– Spatial environment

– Network integration

– Firewall and virus protection

– Authorization concept

– Logging

– Data backup

– Deletion periods

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