DiBiKo – DiBiDat


Contracting reduces investment costs


All of our systems are available to municipalities at the time of contracting. That is to say that we support the capital expenditure for this solution. DiBiKo-DiBiDat refinance itself on the price of the image during the installation of the system for an agreed minimum period. The basic condition for a contract is a certain number of inhabitants or a certain number of image requests per month/year.


DiBiKo-DiBiDat Desktop and/or Mobile


The alternative for small municipalities, so that they do not have to do without the user-friendly DiBiKo-DiBiDat service. Thus, the performance and quality level matches that of the cabin.


The DiBiKo-DiBiDat Desktop and/or Mobil also solves the problem of biometric photography of small children for ID cards.


In addition to contracting, which is preferred by most municipalities, we also offer the purchase, rental or leasing of our systems.

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