Data protection

Personal identification / card systems

Personal identification applications are changing the way we live, work and spend our free time and have become an integral part of our daily lives. At the same time, they bring more convenience, security and efficiency to our daily lives. Every day, countless people use contactless cards and tickets to travel on public transport and to access their workplace. Whether for national facilities, cashless payment for collective catering (canteens, cafeterias), reward collection, loyalty or as an intelligent contactless ticket to an exclusive event, as a forgery-proof ID card with hologram or as a simple promotional card. Anything is possible.


The PersonalCard system solutions we have developed and our database systems are flexible and easy to use. In addition, we offer complete and modular software solutions for a wide range of needs.


From decentralized workstations for image and digital signature inscription to centralized card production, as a single- or multi-station solution, everything is possible with our modular software solutions. We provide everything you need as part of our complete system solutions, from software to the corresponding card printer and digital camera, as well as the necessary consulting, installation, training and on-site service. And if it is not immediately suitable, our development department will match it individually.

Access control systems

Today’s businesses face a particular challenge: on the one hand, they want to present themselves as openly as possible; on the other hand, they need to reliably protect themselves against unauthorized access.


Controlling entrances and exits as well as all important doors is a prerequisite for the reliable protection of your company’s buildings, business equipment, know-how and business processes. We offer flexible solutions for almost all practical access control needs.


Our system enables highly differentiated monitoring of doors, gates, barriers, etc. Depending on the security requirements of the rooms or areas, different access controls are carried out :



– variable code

– free badge numbers

– different time zones per day, player and employee

– PinCode

– Monitoring of rooms / zones

– Blocking



If a badge is lost or modified, it is automatically blocked by deleting the badge number in the master or assigning another badge number. There is also a separate function for blocking badges. Here, badges for the mentioned zones can be blocked independently of each other without any problems.


Each access, including access attempts, is logged. In case of unauthorized access, predefined actions can be triggered.



Scope of services


– Definitions of authorizations (who)

– Access time management (from when, to when)

– Management of zones/rooms (who, where)

– Statistics (records who, when, where)

Time recording systems

Due to modern working time regulations, the requirements of companies are becoming more and more complex. Whether it is a small, medium or large company, accurate time recording is essential these days. Working and leisure sequences in motion require a modern time management system with all the necessary evaluations, monitoring and early alerts in case of overruns.

The automatic collection and evaluation of time registration data plays an increasingly important role today, not least because of the flexibility of working and operating hours and the need for differentiated calculations. Companies are therefore dependent on a well-functioning time management system.

In addition to pure recording and evaluation, our system offers many other functions that make your daily work easier. In spite of its outstanding functionality, however, it remains clear and easy to use. Due to the high degree of flexibility, any changes and adjustments can be made by the user in the time registration software itself.


Scope of services


– Master data management

– Corrections and planning

– Evaluations and lists

– Calculation functions

– System control


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