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Personal registration

Unique and unequivocal identification of persons is absolutely necessary in many areas, for example when issuing ID cards, passports, visas, voter cards, etc.


In order to identify a person, the responsible authorities/administrations must record the personal data of the persons to be registered, including biometric data (unique / unalterable).


Use DiBiKo/DibiDat’s experience in personal identification. Solutions including all necessary hardware, software and services such as consulting, project management, development, commissioning, training and support are our specialties.


Solution DiBiKo/DiBiDat SB, the personal registration system.


This commercially available mobile system includes all the hardware (laptop, digital camera, signature system, fingerprint scanner, possibly also printer), the software necessary to enter all the required data. Of course the ICAO standards for image and signature capture (with immediate verification or adaptation by ICAO) are included. With this solution, the necessary data records are produced and stored centrally in a database. These are integrated into the subsequent process of producing forgery-proof and ICAO-compatible identity documents.


Of course, the corresponding documents can of course be produced immediately on site.

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