Cabin without barriers

Retractable seat and back wall for easy wheelchair access


Ring loop system for hearing aid wearers


Various handles


In addition, the cabin naturally has all the characteristics of the conventional version:


– Automatic verification of the biometric adequacy of the digital image and compliance with the quality standard prescribed by the ICAO, thanks to an integrated software.


– Audiovisual user guidance, i.e. the customer receives clear and detailed instructions (image and sound) for each recording in order to obtain the result desired by the authorities.


– A program that takes full account of the new world of multimedia. Thus, there are no more unwanted images!


– All entries are made via a color touch screen (TFT).


– The captured images are displayed on the monitor for selection. It is not the system that decides, but the customer. You choose the image you prefer. If there really is no image, you can repeat the whole process. Free of course.


– Small footprint: only 1m².

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