The normal cabins

Our digital photo booth incorporates the design experience of more than 20 years of operation.  This means not only the most modern technology, but also the guarantee of a greater pleasure of use.

Since the introduction of the new European passports with biometric elements, the requirements for passport photos have increased enormously. These must be created according to precise ICAO regulations.


Cabin without barriers

– Retractable seat and back wall for easy wheelchair access


– Ring loop system for hearing aid wearers


– Various handles



As it is freely configurable, the system adapts to your needs.


(Image only, image and fingerprint, image and signature or image with fingerprint and signature).




Space-saving, freely configurable (with and without image printing), the instructions are of course multilingual with image and sound, so they are mobile and can be used anywhere.


The key to the image remains with the customer

After the picture has been taken, customers receive a ten-digit numerical key. The employees of the registration authorities use this key to retrieve the images and can integrate the ICAO-compliant images electronically into the ID card template. The employees also have the option of correcting the image selected by the customer.

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