DiBiKo – DiBiDat

by Vending Concept

DiBiKo and DiBiDat, the biometric data capture, verification and processing systems for the electronic passport (ePassport), the new identity card, the driver’s license, the visa, the health card and various other documents containing biometric data.

DiBiKo – DiBiDat

Personal registration

Unique and unequivocal identification of persons is absolutely necessary in many areas, for example when issuing ID cards, passports, visas, voter cards, etc.


In order to identify a person, the responsible authorities/administrations must record the personal data of the persons to be registered, including biometric data (unique / unalterable).

DiBiKo – DiBiDat

Capture, storage and verification of personal data.

Our systems are not geolocalised, i.e. with DiBiKo/DiBiDat, data is collected centrally and/or decentrally (on site). Storage and transfer using existing infrastructure (portable disk, CD/DVD, FTP, local/mobile networks, satellites).


DiBiKo/DiBiDat allows electronic compatibility with any existing or new database.


Solutions and services for the registration and identification of persons

  • Consulting and project management
  • On-site registration of data (historical and biometrics),
  • Storage of captured citizen data and transfer to central systems,
  • Duplicate detection (automatic verification of relevant data),
  • creation of a personal database (national register, etc.),
  • production of forgery-proof identification documents/voters,
  • the production of forgery-proof documents
  • Our systems are used wherever security solutions are needed.


Everyone knows how easy it is to copy printed documents today.

Security paper contains a host of refinements, makes attempts at manipulation immediately visible and can be distinguished from conventional paper even by the layman.


At the same time, all manufacturing processes are designed to allow the integration of all known security features.


Personal identification requests are changing the way we live.

Personal identification requests are changing the way we live.

At the same time, they bring more convenience, security and efficiency to our daily lives. Every day, countless people use contactless cards and tickets to travel on public transport and to access their workplace.


We offer you :


  • Personal identification / card systems
  • Access control systems
  • Time and attendance systems
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